LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A non-profit helping the growing number of dogs on death row has to stop accepting dogs, if they want to keep their work going. Southern Paws Transport (SPT) is sitting in a financial bind, with dog overflow right now.

SPT is not a shelter, but rather a liaison between shelters and homes. When a shelter becomes overcrowded, and dogs are tagged to be put down, SPT steps in and pulls them from the shelter’s “kill list” and works to find them a home, in and out of state.

“We always made sure these dogs had a place to go before we pull them from death row,” said Laurie Laing, a SPT board member since the beginning.

However, the non-profit has since strayed from this original mission statement.

“Somewhere along the way, we got off track,” said Laing.

Laing says right now more than 100 dogs are sitting in limbo without a permanent home, and in boarding or foster homes for SPT.

“It’s kind of transitioned into not as much transparency because of the amount of dogs we have coming in,” said Laing.

This overflow is putting stress on the foster homes for these dogs.

“We've had a lot of our long term foster's pull away right now, who would foster 10 dogs out in the country,” said Laing.

It’s so bad, even Laing stepped up to take in some of the SPT dogs.

On top of animal overflow, the nonprofit is $8,000 in debt, owing money to vets, boarders, and fosters who took on the responsibility of paying for routine shots for the dogs they were caring for, instead of SPT.

“Whether or not Southern Paws continues, I want to see these people paid back somehow,” said Laing.

Earlier this month the SPT board voted to stop accepting dogs, but without pointing fingers, Laing says this is not happening.

“That vote has not been respected or honored because dogs are still coming in as of last week,” said Laing.

If you want to help relief some of the SPT debt, you can pay the boarders, vets, and fosters directly. You just need to contact Laurie Laing and she will give you their contact information.

Laurie Laing

Phone – (501)316-9738

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Southern Paws Transport

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