State Representative Clarke Tucker announced Monday his plans to challenge for the Second Congressional District seat, which is currently held by Congressman French Hill.

He is the third Democratic challenger to enter the race, joining Paul Spencer and Gwen Combs.

In a press release, Tucker announced his decision to "represent the honorable, decent, hardworking families of central Arkansas in Congress." He said his life changed last year when he beat cancer.

"I watched as Congress voted to make our healthcare more expensive, undo good programs like Arkansas Works, and strip away healthcare for Arkansans with pre-existing conditions," Tucker said.

He said he decided to run after "politicians used children's health insurance as a bargaining chip" and that legislators were "placing greater loyalty to their political party than to our state and country."

Spencer and Combs both welcomed State Rep. Tucker into the Democratic candidate race. Spencer said he is looking forward to discuss "bold, progressive demands" for the people of Arkansas in future debates.

"[Arkansans] are tired of tepid incremental policies that fail to address the systemic underlying problems of the ever-widening inequality that defines American life in the 21st century," Spencer said.

Combs said Tucker had too many similarities to Rep. Hill and that voters were looking to "elect candidates who understand what it's like to be an Arkansan who doesn't come from money or privilege."

In a statement, Rep. Hill said the Democrats have a "spirited primary ahead of them" and he looks forward to comparing his "record of lower taxes, smaller government and a stronger economy" against what he called "Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats' record of higher taxes, bigger government, and a weaker economy."