LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Homelessness and violence in the city will be two of the biggest political topics as Little Rock heads into the next two election cycles.

With that in mind, Democrat Warwick Sabin announced on Sunday that he is considering a run for mayor. In three terms as a State Representative, Sabin has focused on reforming state ethics laws, and pushing for clean energy projects.

He founded the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, and has worked in several non-profit and governmental jobs. He said his mayoral run would be about bringing new energy to the job, held by democrat Mark Stodola for the last decade.

“Now's the time. if we don't address these issues now around public safety, around education, creating new jobs and building new infrastructure, then we may miss an opportunity that we may never get back,” said Sabin.

The Mayor's race wouldn't be until November of 2018. While much of the state has shifted right, Little Rock has remained solidly democratic. Sabin defeated a Libertarian candidate by about 55 percentage points in his last house election last fall.