LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – A witness captured a West Memphis brawl on camera in which a student removed her pants during a school fight.

Academies of West Memphis gym told CBS affiliate WREG that one of the girls seen in the video may have removed her pants because they were too tight to fight in.

Many had wondered about the rationale behind the half-naked lunchtime fight which ended in both girls being arrested.

"I was just wondering why the kids was getting out their clothes. I never seen it happen before,” concerned parent Aretha Poney said.

Poney said she was more concerned about the safety of her two children who attend the school. At one point in the video, the pant-less girl is slammed into a trophy display case, shattering the glass.

Students eventually broke up the fight, but adults were nowhere to be seen.

A statement from the school reads as follows:

"West Memphis Police Department transported two juveniles to the Crittenden County Detention Center. This matter is still under investigation. No further information will be released after this prepared statement."

WREG was told by the witness that the fight might have stemmed from a dispute over a relationship.