About 10 women will testify against a Conway doctor who allegedly sexually assaulted them.

A jury was selected Monday for the trial for family practitioner Dr. Robert Rook. Witnesses began testifying Tuesday. The trial is expected to last up to two weeks as prosecutors expect 9 or 10 women to take the stand with allegations against Rook.

Three women took the stand Tuesday, claiming the doctor inappropriately touched them for unnecessary examinations during a doctor’s visit.

First, a 30-year-old woman, who was first to file a report in 2015, took the stand. She claimed she saw Rook regularly as a patient for two years, until one visit when he allegedly told her she needed a physical and he felt her breasts.

Another former patient took the stand, a 33-year-old nurse. She said she was seeing Rook to change her anti-depressants and he suggested a physical. She claims he asked her to change into a gown which he then removed from her, leaving her nude in the room without a nurse present.

She claimed he touched her in multiple areas and performed a pelvic exam. Referencing her medical training as a nurse, she does not believe the exam was appropriate.

The patients claim he did these exams without a nurse in the room. Rook's attorneys questioned if there is proof to these assaults or whether it was appropriate medical practice.

Rook is facing six counts of 3rd degree sexual assault and 10 counts of 2nd degree sexual assault.