LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Thursday was officially 'take your child to work day.' If you think about it, state foster children don't get the luxury.

But Thursday was different for three foster children who each shadowed someone in the field of their interest. Through our partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services THV11 was there for it all.

The first stop was North Little Rock to meet Officer Tommy Norman. 15-year-old Travion, experienced what it would be like to be a police officer. He got tours of the department and gifts given to him from the North Little Rock Police Department. He even got a chance meeting with Zeus, the department's K9 officer.

"It’s really an honor to have Travion here, to know that a young man who's dream is to be a police officer and just to be a part of hopefully allowing his dream to come true as he shadows me and meets officers is something we've been waiting on since you notified us," said Officer Norman.

This 8th grader loves sports and art and he does want to be adopted.

"I was thinking about, always been interested in law because of my family. I'll go into anything I really don't care, I just like law," Travion said.

The next stop was the State Capitol where 15-year-old Delta, who also wants to be adopted, worked with Dawn Scott. They headed up the staircase and into the House chamber to meet another foster child, Arlinda, who spent her day with House Speaker Jeremy Gillam.

Arlinda is 18, she aged out of the system and no longer wants to be adopted. Her focus now, on her future. And it may well include politics. Thursday was a real life history lesson for her.

"It kind of balances each other out to hear about it in history and then actually be shadowing him today and getting to sit in his seat that he uses while he is in session, it's really neat," Arlinda said.

Delta watched the THV11 crew as they worked.

"I'm learning about the cameras and stuff like that and I want to be a photographer when I grow up," said Delta.

After the time at the capitol, Delta headed back to the THV 11 studios, for a private viewing of the THV11 noon newscast. She also got a behind the scenes tour of the control booth where she even set camera shots. A nice break for a teen who's focus is on being adopted.

Another foster child is 14-year-old Braedyn. He wants to join the military after high school, so he had a chance last week to shadow the airmen at Little Rock Air Force Base. They really put him through the drills, and he loved it all. Braedyn is also up for adoption and wants a family.

Special thanks to the Air base, Officer Tommy Norman, and Speaker Jeremy Gillam.