LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Here’s a look at the questions Dr. Pait answered on THV11 This Morning.

For his responses, watch the videos attached to this story.

1. My Mother's always on the Internet consulting Dr. Google. How often should she keep talking with Dr. Google and when do you know you've talked too much to Dr. Google.

2. I started a new job; a lot of people in my office. As hard as I try, I've been unable to go #2 at work. Is it okay to hold it as long as I can? I hope you answer my question; I'm too embarrassed to ask my doctor this question.

3. My teenage daughter told me I was "slangry". Is that a medical term?

4. A friend of my son has a large reptile, lizard. Should I be concerned that my son could catch something from this lizard?

5. My husband and I are in our 60's, we're wondering what you think about yoga and does it truly offer health benefits? If we were to start yoga, what type would you recommend?

6. It's summertime and I like to look better in my swimsuit. Is there any prescription medication or cosmetic creams that will help to firm up my tush? If so, can I get it from my family doctor?