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‘A long way to go’ | Tornado recovery in Little Rock 2 months later

May 31 marks two months since an EF-3 tornado tore through Little Rock. Some residents are saying the recovery in their neighborhoods has been slow.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The last two months for Janet Recker and her husband have been a journey.

She showed us around her home Wednesday and pointed out the damage left behind by the EF-3 tornado on March 31 and the progress made in the two months since.

"The tornado hit our dining room ceiling," Recker said. "That all came down and crashed."

She said the progress in the neighborhood has been slow as contractors are having a tough time getting the materials needed to finish repairing her house.

"We're like, 'When will we get moving on this?' It's going to slowly," Recker said. "They said... 'We can't find any brick that'll match your brick.'"

It's something people who live in hard-hit areas are still challenged with.

"This was devastating, and I know some people are frustrated," Ward 4 City Director Capi Peck said. "We're getting to the hardest hit areas as fast as possible."

Ward 4 is considered a hard-hit area, and Peck said insurance is another challenge.

"A lot of people that live in these areas were underinsured, and I know some people plan not to rebuild," Peck said.

The journey of recovery will take some time.

"We got a long way to go still," Peck said. "It won't look like it did six months or six years from now."

However, Recker remains optimistic.

"Every day, we say thank you, Lord, that we're alive," Recker said.

The City of Little Rock said that June 11 is the last day any curbside debris will be collected.

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