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Tow truck drivers help stranded drivers as winter weather impacts roads

Throughout the day, tow truck drivers rescued a lot of people... but they expect a lot of calls overnight.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A lot of drivers that slid off the roads Thursday needed a little extra help to get back on track.

The biggest threat after the sun goes down is the refreezing of ice.

Dozens of semi trucks jackknifed on the highway and even more cars were stuck in ice.

Throughout the day, tow truck drivers rescued a lot of people, but Tim Moody, general manager of J Hook Towing and Recovery, said overnight is the worst time to travel as temperatures are below freezing. 

"As the sun goes down here tonight, this is all going to harden up and it's going to make it a lot more dangerous," Moody said.

He compares some roads to an ice rink.

"It's going to just be like driving on ice," Moody said.

On Thursday, he said his company received more than 60 calls from people who were stuck because of the sleet and ice.

"Whatever weather, we have to be out there to save somebody's life," Moody said. 

He and his drivers are working into the night-time hours, on stand-by, to help anyone who decides to brave the slippery streets.

"They've been sleeping in their trucks [and] trying to get naps until this rush hits," Moody said. 

They aren't the only tow truck in tow responding to a number of calls for help.

Public Relations Officer for East End Towing, James Harrison said he was prepared for a higher number of calls, but he believes, perhaps, people learned their lesson from the winter storm in 2021.

"Last year, we had a lot more people get out on the roads. I think that taught a lot of people a good lesson to just just stay at home," Harrison said.

Black ice creates a threat on the road.

Harrison wants to remind you that being out by yourself in the dark during a winter storm is never a good idea.

"If you go off into the woods and you're knocked unconscious, you could be there long enough that you could get so cold and get frostbites," Harrison said.

He is hoping Friday will be the best day for roads to thaw out.

Harrison's best advice is if you have to be out and about on Friday, to check the road conditions before starting your vehicle.

"If it's still hard ice, just know don't do it. If it's slushy, that gives you a lot more traction than if it's hard and icy," Harrison said.


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