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Arkansas tree removal service warns of scam after tornado

After a tornado hit Central Arkansas, people have been working tirelessly to clean up the mess. Now, local tree removal services are warning to be weary of scammers.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — There are still many good people that have been working to clean up debris after the tornado in March— but progress with clean-up has also brought out some scammers as well.

Tree Gorilla has been busy cleaning up limbs and downed trees after the tornado, but they explained how that also brings out people looking to con you out of your money.

"When people try to come in and take advantage it doesn't matter what the case, with tree work, roofers. I can't stand a thief," said Chad Bryant, owner of Tree Gorilla.

An industry like this one with no rules can leave people vulnerable to scammers.

"Tree services, they are unregulated. All anyone has to have to call themselves a tree service is a chainsaw and a business card in a lot of cases," said Bryant.

He said because of this scammers will try to take people out of their money by asking for big deposits up front and not finishing the work. With more people needing help, he wants to make sure people are aware of how to find qualified tree removal services.

"Search for a certified arborist. If somebody has gone in and become an ISA-certified arborist they have put an investment into their training, they have to get continuing education units every year to recertify," said Bryant.

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