LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – From ping-pong tables, to beer on tap to margarita machines, more and more companies around the globe are changing the culture of the workplace by offering trendy new policies and perks.

The goal is to keep employees happy and engaged and encourage productivity.

Entegrity is an energy and sustainability company located in the East Village neighborhood of Little Rock.

Named one of Arkansas Business’ “Best Places to Work in 2017,” the company is all about environmentally friendly options for its employees. The open-concept office boasts plenty of natural light, and employees even have the option of controlling their own lighting from an app on their smartphone.

“When you walk into most all of our offices you’re walking into a place that, I hope, feels comfortable,” said Chris Ladner, a partner with Entegrity. “We try and make it where there are places to work and places where you can relax and eat.”

Entegrity also puts a big emphasis on personal wellness. There are showers for employees who bike to work and onsite yoga is offered twice a week.

“They have the flexibility to work out when its best for them and they have the flexibility to work when its best for them,” said Ladner. “I don't know if I would consider them perks. We are just trying to respond to the needs of our employees.”

At Perks Worldwide in Little Rock, you'd probably expect a lot of perks if you work here, and that is exactly what the downtown company delivers.

“Our whole philosophy is if we have to come to work every day, which we do, then we may as well have a good time doing it,” said CEO of Perks Worldwide, Jeff Ford.

Also named a "Best Place to Work in 2017" by Arkansas Business, the technology company offers everything from an on-site gym to tuition reimbursement. The company even allows employees to bring their dog to work. There is also a ping-pong table set up right by the front door and the company hosts weekly ping pong tournaments.

“It really and truly builds a lot of comradery. I mean people enjoy it, some enjoy it more than other,” laughed Ford.

While the perks are fun, CEO and partner Jeff Ford says the key to success is creating a culture where employees support one another.

“From the exec team down, everyone is aware of it and is conscious about making sure everyone is where they want to be at and that they feel like they are contributing,” said Ford.

At Mangan Holcomb Partners in Little Rock, it isn’t unusual to see employees riding a scooter down the hallway or hopping for cubicle to cubicle on a pogo stick. In fact, CEO and partner of the marketing and communications company, David Rainwater, said in such a deadline driven environment, a dose of fun is essential.

“There is always something going on that has a fun angle to it,” said CEO and partner, David Rainwater.

In addition to margarita machines and "beer-storming" meetings, employees can be found having a morning foosball match up or taking part in a playful shoot out with Nerf guns. While the company offers no shortage of fun, they also offer flexibility, encouraging employees to work from home and spend more time with their families.

“This stuff hard and it can be really a grind if you let it be, but if you can go home and be with your family and do the things you enjoy and come back the next day refreshed, we are all for that,” said Rainwater.

While the perks are fun, all the CEO’s and partners we spoke with said it is not all about offering trendy new policies or benefits.

They said the key to a successful company is keeping employees happy by supporting them and making sure there is a good work-home balance.