ID=16874851SALINE COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) – The trial over a deadly dog attack continued Tuesday in Saline County.

The case stems from a dog attack last November in Hot Springs Village in which 75-year-old Joan Kappen was allegedly attacked and killed by an 87-pound bull mastiff.

Jurors heard testimony from more than 15 people in court on Tuesday. First responders, police, and animal control officers testified, as well as friends and family of both the victim and the defendants.

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The dog's owner Emily Coy, as well as her mother, Brande Coy, are charged with a misdemeanor offense of the city's vicious dog ordinance. Brande Coy is also charged with felony manslaughter.

A number of people testified surrounding the facts that the dog had a previous history of biting and aggression, and also that a litter mate of the dog in this case had attacked and killed a 5-year-old child in Jessieville. The prosecution, through that testimony, was trying to establish negligence and recklessness on the part of the defendants.

Hans Kappen, husband of the woman who was killed, said he wanted to give an on-camera interview with THV11, but he has been instructed by prosecutors to wait until after the trial is finished. He said, however, that he has a lot to say when the time comes.

THV11 is continuing to follow this story. Stay with THV11 and for more as it develops.