SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - There are reports of two possible shootings at vehicles in the same area near Sherwood less than 24 hours apart. As of now there are no suspects, but both drivers describe similar scenarios.

The two alleged shootings happened Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Both drivers claim they were driving on Highway 167 when someone shot at them.

"I was the only vehicle on the interstate at that time and I was in the center lane and all of a sudden in the left lane I see a white car coming up and it was like ‘pow pow pow,'" said one driver, a Sherwood resident who doesn’t want to be identified.

The driver claimed she was heading north on the highway late Saturday night when those shots went off from the car next to her. She said the passenger, in what she believed was an old white sedan, fired but missed her car.

She called Sherwood police who told us Arkansas State Police would handle these cases. They haven’t provided any reports on the incident at this time.

"He was in the front seat of the passenger side extending his hand shooting," the driver said.

Not even a day later, another person reported being shot at while in their car in Sherwood.

"To have my concerns validated by another individual, who actually sustained damage to their vehicle in the same vicinity with the same description of the perpetrators car, yes, [I'm] very, very scared," the driver said.

The second driver did have what appears to be bullets through his vehicle.

“These people are not out on a joy ride," she said. "They’re out for blood. They actually aimed at that driver."

Arkansas State Police told us the teenage victim of the Sunday shooting met with his parents more than an hour after the alleged incident, then notified police. They claim he couldn't identify a vehicle or person so there is no search for a suspect.