LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - In less than five hours, two people were shot and killed in Little Rock, with one of them being a two-year-old girl. Little Rock Police say they have no suspects, no motive, and no clue why someone would shoot either of the victims.

59-year-old Jesus Pena was shot around 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, James Harris said he heard three loud bangs, hard enough to shake the floor in his apartment.

"They had been doing construction since like 8 that morning, so I really thought it was wood slapping," Harris said. "I heard no panic or anything like that. I looked out the window and saw business cards scattered on the ground."

Another neighbor walked downstairs and couldn't believe what he saw. He said a little girl ran out and said someone had been shot and that's when the neighbor went in to help.

"A woman that lives behind us, she was already in there giving him chest compressions. She said she was an EMT," he recalled. "When I got there, she got up, so I started giving him chest compressions."

He said they stayed with Pena until police arrived on scene, but he said Pena was unresponsive the entire time.

According to police, Pena had been doing construction work at 220 N. Taylor Street at apartment number 3. Neighbors said Pena had been leaving the door open to get ventilation in the unit while working. The suspect apparently saw an opportunity and took it.

"That apartment's empty. It's full of construction," the neighbor said. "But you wouldn't know that just walking up the street. You'd think it was just an open door to someone's house."

The suspect, described as a black man wearing all black, took off on foot and has not been caught yet.

Less than five hours later, around 8pm, a two year-old Little Rock girl was shot dead in the back seat of her aunt's car.

"The suspect vehicle pulled up, began firing rounds, then pulled around them then they drove to the hospital," said Officer Richard Hilgeman.

According a report, the car's driver told police that herself, her cousin, and the child were driving down Harrison Street heading towards a home on Van Buren street when someone, they said they don't know, began firing shots in to their vehicle.

Police said the child died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds. She was riding on her mother's lap at the time of the shooting. Four other children were also in the Toyota Camry at the time of the shooting, however, no one else was harmed.

"Usually they are targeting someone they have an issue with, or a certain person they've had some sort of relationship with before, or some connection prior,” Officer Hilgeman added.

Back on Taylor Street, James Harris said it might be time for him to move.

"We don't have a high police presence here, because it doesn't look like a place you would want it or need it," Harris said. "We moved here thinking it would be super safe. It's kind of not.”

The shootings have police redirecting their efforts.

"We are looking at reallocating some resources, trying to hit some of the hot spots, trying to be more visible with some of our resources,” Officer Hilgeman explained.

They are still looking for suspects in both murders. If you have any information, you are advised to call Little Rock Police.