Retailers are opening their doors to start what's commonly referred to as Black Friday a little early.

So tonight, we Verify whether or not you can really save money on Black Friday.

It is a form of madness shoppers look forward to each year. Black Friday, and all those deals.

"Well some of these sales throughout the Black Friday ad are the lowest sale prices these items have ever been," Jon Helbig, supervisor at Best Buy, said. "They're well below the regular retail to where you have quite a bit of savings"

One of the retailers opening Thanksgiving day is Best Buy. He said there is no doubt you can save money.

"Those Deals run all day long so as long as we have stock or inventory in those items those deals are good for the day," Helbig said.

But of course retailers are going to say that. After all they're the ones setting prices and putting out ads.

Shopper Andrew Huett doesn't buy it. He won't shop on Black Friday.

"Most of the deals you can get, I'm sorry to say, you can get online most of the time instead of coming to fight the crowds," Huett said. "To me it's not worth fightin' the crowds and getting up. There may be one or two deals that are doorbusters, but they're usually only one or two. So, to me it's not worth fightin' the crowds and getting out, you know?"

We tracked down marketing expert Emily Dean for answers.

"There are probably some stores that use it as a gimmick, but it's really not," Dean said. "It's a way for you to save money and to get you in the door."

Black Friday, not a gimmick confirms Dean.

"You can definitely save money on Black Friday," Dean said. "It is the time when retailers go from red to black in their year so they're doing everything they can to pull you in the door and make sure you save money, because they know people will call them on it if they don't."

Dean does caution, pay attention once inside. Be prepared for big crowds. And do your research before you get there so you know exactly what you want to buy and what the prices are. Best Buy says once inside the store, there are deals everywhere.

"TVs and some of the higher values that you don't normally see, like the $350 savings you see on the Samsung or the $320 savings on the sharp both those being ultra HD 4K TVs," Helbig said.

"And if you're doing your research ahead of time and you know what you wanna buy and what the prices are, you can see some of those deals very clearly when you go into the stores."