While the spring season brings in warmer temperatures it also brings in pollen season, which means allergies and cars covered in a blanket yellowish-green pollen.

But what is the best solution to remove pollen from your car and can it really damage your vehicle?

Your first instinct may be to take your vehicle through a car wash, but car detail expert Jeremy Jones told us that pollen can cause damage to the paint.

"It's very abrasive and it has very high acidity level which corrodes the paint and it's detrimental to your paint job so you want to keep it off," he said. "You never want to leave it on."

Jones said the pollen has a "sanding" effect on the paint when the wind blows. He also said that hand-washing with a rag or mitt can make it worse.

"If you can get a water hose at your house daily and get it off your paint, do it as often as you can," Jones said.

So, we can verify that pollen can cause damage to your vehicle's paint job.

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