LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Temperatures have not reached their peak this summer in Arkansas, yet it's already hot enough to be dangerous on your body.

Can your body get acclimated to the heat help prevent heat-related illness?

Our expert, Christine Alongi has the answer. Alongi is director of Strong Hearts Cardiac Rehab at Arkansas Heart Hospital. She is also a registered dietitian, a former college athletics coach and has a background in exercise physiology.

THV11's Michael Aaron asked Alongi if someone can effectively become acclimated to the heat.

"For sure," she said. "It's just exposure. You just gradually keep exposing yourself little bit more, little bit more. But if you do have to be out in it, just take precaution."

She said there's still time to prepare for the hottest part of the summer.

Click here for heat safety tips and resources.

"Sit out on the deck in the evening, things like that," Alongi said. "We're just getting started."

Alongi said you should hydrate before going outdoors, take frequent breaks and pay close attention for warning signs of dehydration -- especially in children and the elderly, as they can be more prone to heat-related illness. She also suggested limiting time outdoors during the hottest part of the day.

"Everybody wants to be outside, especially during the summer, but try to do it at the cooler times. I wouldn't go out from 10 to two -- the hottest part of the day," she said. "But just go outside and see how you feel. If you stay out for an hour and go inside and you're fine and you didn't get dizzy and you feel okay, that's fine. Then, maybe the next day or so you can stay out longer. It's really just paying attention to what your body is telling you," she said.

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