LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A THV11 viewer asked us, and we set out to verify the claims that Dosh will not only save you money but earn you cash back on everyday purchases.

"It just sounded a little fishy so I just wanted to know if it's legit," said Patricia Williams.

Williams lives in Sherwood and she first heard of the new app, Dosh, from her daughter and a few of her friends. So, she went to download it. Then, she got suspicious.

"There just wasn't a phone number and no address and their terms of service are a little scary, I just have a hard time believing people are gonna give you this much money for shopping," said Williams.

It’s understandable why Williams has questions. Here's how it works; First, you download the app. In order to start saving you must unlike other money-saving apps. Then, you enter a credit or debit card. Use that card at participating stores and unlock cash back directly to you. You can also use the app to find links to hotel bookings and online shopping to get cash back. Williams still said it sounds too good to be true and felt uneasy entering her credit card.

"I just wanna know if it's legit and safe, you have to register a credit card w the app, I just want to make sure it's a legit thing and some bad person's gonna end up with my credit card number," she said.

We took Williams concern online directly to dosh for comment, here's the company's response "Dosh uses bank-level, encryption technology to protect users' bank and credit card information. Dosh does not share or sell your information to anyone. As for the legitimacy, Dosh has paid out over $15 million in cash back to its users!"

Is that enough though to convince Williams? "It could be, still just makes me nervous," she added. "It sounds not too bad. Even if I don't download the app, at least I feel better my daughter's information is safe!"

Dosh told THV11 that as soon as you reach $15 in your Dosh wallet, you can immediately transfer it to your bank or PayPal account.


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