The Second Amendment gives us all the right to keep and bear arms. But typically, gun laws are the subject of heated debate.

In fact, a question into our Verify team asks for legal clarity on whether you can carry without a permit, and we go to the Pulaski County prosecutor for an answer. 

It's no secret Arkansas is heavily armed. A CBS news study shows 40.6 guns per 1,000 residents. The law allows Arkansans to carry but it's this question that has created confusion. 

A viewer who wants to remain anonymous asks, "Is it true that we can open carry and carry a concealed weapon without a license for the state of Arkansas? I heard that this law was passed in October." 

"My advice is, be smart,” Jegley said. 

We went to Pulaski County Prosecutor Larry Jegley, who knows the law inside-out, for an answer.

"There was no new law passed,” Jegley said, “and there is a great deal of confusion out there – why and where it's coming from I don't know." 

Jegley points to Arkansas code 5-73-120 which says it's only an offense if there's "purpose to attempt to unlawfully employ the gun."

"There is no law against carrying a weapon,” he said, “so long as you don't intend to use it against another person, permit or not."

So to verify, Arkansans can legally possess a firearm without a permit.

"Open carry is a subject of debate and disagreement,” Jegley said. “There are some in state government who say open carry is OK."

Jegley, though, said he believes the legality of open carry is up for interpretation. 

Regardless, he does advise getting a permit and proper firearm training. If you're a felon or deemed mentally unfit, you cannot possess a firearm in Arkansas. 

A bill was introduced this week at the state capitol asking to clarify gun rights in the state but legal experts argue that would just further confuse people.