LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – A viral Facebook post by concerned parents shows the sores their son developed after camping near Lake Catherine over the weekend.

Kathrene Teague and her husband put up the post on Monday and it has since received over two-thousand shares.

Teague said her son, Travis, found sores on his legs after spending two days at Lake Catherine. She said her son never really made his way into the water and spent most of his time fishing.

When she took her son to the doctor, she said the doctor told her it is a bacterial infection and impetigo from the lake.

"There are lots of things that cause rashes that can get super infected,” Arkansas Epidemiologist Dirk Haselow said.

Haselow said these pictures are consistent with impetigo, but he said it is unlikely it was contracted from the lake.

"Impetigo is usually caused by a bacteria that we have on our skin. It's rarely associated with environmental contaminants or lake water or something like that,” he said.

He said most of the time impetigo happens when there are small cuts on the skin.

"It can result from any break in the skin. Doesn't mean that something was wrong with the water, it means they probably got scratched coming out of the water and then developed it,” Haselow said.

Haselow says he has not heard of any bacterial outbreaks at Lake Catherine in recent past, and the health department makes sure the water is safe to swim in.

"We have a swim beach program that tests waters for E. coli or other bacteria and when those levels are high we close the beaches for a period of time before we get back to acceptable levels,” Haselow said.

According to the health department, Lake Catherine passed recent tests. Scores below 127 are considered acceptable to swim in.

Samples collected on July 30 show a score of 9.7 and in June, a water sample came back with a score of 6.3.

“After you swim it makes sense to shower. To clean up afterward. If you have a rash it’s important to treat it properly,” Haselow said.

Teague said she wanted to make the post so people are aware of possible bacteria in lake water and are careful when swimming.