The president of North Arkansas College said the school is investigating an incident where the crowd allegedly shouted racist chants at the visiting college basketball team.

According to the Parsons Sun, fans at the college in Harrison made monkey noises and crow caws at the Labette Community College men's and women's basketball teams on January 10. Both teams are comprised of predominantly black players.

In a video provided to the Sun, a member of the crowd made crow cawing sounds several times when black players for the Kansas college shot free throws.

"While not universally known as a racist chant, crow caws are often used to reference Jim Crow laws," Sean Frye wrote for the Parsons Sun, "which were used to enforce segregation in the South during the late 1800s up through the civil rights movement of the 1960s."

Fans also reportedly made monkey noises towards Labette players while they were on offense.

Randy Esters, North Arkansas College's president, released a statement saying the school was taking "those allegations very seriously and will investigate them."

"At this time we have not received any complaints from anyone at the game, including coaches, athletes, officials or members of the public," Esters said. "This situation is truly unfortunate since we make every effort to be inclusive and welcoming to all of our students, community and vistors."

Esters said in order to "thoroughly investigate" the racial slurs, the college will have to watch the video that contains the reported chants.