Sometimes it feels like the barrage of daily news can become a burden, but there are stories of people who shine through the chaos and make us feel better about the people around us.

Below are our favorite "feel good" stories that are sure to put a smile on your face. After you laugh and happy cry make sure to vote for your favorite story in our Facebook poll.

Community helps return stolen tricycle to teenager with Down Syndrome

VJ loves his tricycle and when it was stolen from the front yard one weekend, the community in North Little Rock stepped up. After his mother asked for help on Facebook, someone created a GoFundMe page to help buy another bike.

But not long after that fundraising account was made, the tricycle was found at a park about 2 mile down the road. Now he continues to cruise the streets in style once more!

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Raye Montague broke barriers as Arkansas's own "hidden figure"

Did you know that Arkansas has its own version of Hidden Figures, the Oscar nominated film about three African American woman who broke the glass ceiling at NASA?

While working at the Navy, Montague learned how to design and construct ships all while dealing with a racist boss. With 14 years of experience, she was approached by admirals to design a ship in under a month, but she managed to do it in less than 24 hours. Her work ended up revolutionizing the design process for all naval ships and submarines.

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Conway teacher creates project to end student hunger

Nearly one in four children in Arkansas worry about where their next meal will come from. With that in mind, one Conway High teacher decided she needed to do something about that.

Crystal Certain borrowed the idea of the Little Free Pantry and opened up a food pantry in her classroom closet. Certain said that not only has the pantry helped students to eat, but they've grown closer together this school year.

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Sherwood boy gets special escort to school by bikers after being bullied

After being bullied in school over his rare condition, second grader Alex Bruorton got to show up for class in style. Flanked by a parade of bikers and sporting his own biker vest, Bruorton said he felt proud about the amazing entrance.

The rally helped to put a smile back on his face and made him feel confident again. And he even got a cool nickname as well. Here's to "One-Shot"!

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Arkansas State's Blaise Taylor earns 3rd degree in 4 years

In college football, you need a variety of skills. Strength and speed are the most obvious of skills, but it's intelligence that helps an athlete transcend the sport he plays.

For Arkansas State's Blaise Taylor, it's his interest in earning three degrees in four years that has won the respect of thousands, including Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.

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"Hero" of a Little Rock carjacking meets with the victim for the first time

What first started as an officer-involved shooting ended up as a miraculous moment for the people involved in a carjacking in July.

As the police were shooting at the suspect, he tried to escape in the vehicle of Adrian Harris, but Tim Lincoln decided to put himself in harm's way. He blocked the suspects escape, helping to stop a situation that could have been tragic for all involved.

These two people were thrown together by violence, but in the aftermath they worked to help each out.

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Mother of four builds her own house by watching YouTube tutorials

The Brookins family turned a traumatic experience into a story they shared with the world. Cara Brookins left a domestic violence situation and ended up building a home in 2008 using YouTube tutorials.

With limited funds and the wish to give each child their own room, Brookins hopes to use her experience to help other families deal with domestic violence.

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10-year-old fighting leukemia makes appearance during MLB All Star Weekend

Jacob Teel was surprised with an at-bat appearance during MLB's All Star Weekend. While he was there he earned a lot of fans with his performance, including some Hollywood stars.

Teel has acute lymphoblastic leukemia and is currently in remission, but it's his third time to be in remission. His battle is far from over and it's that strength and fight in him that has so many people rooting for him.

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Being deaf won't stop this teen's football dreams

Any football coach will tell you that communication is key to victory. When you see Shaeq'ke Robinson on the field, everybody gets to talking, but he does his talking a little differently.

Even though he can't communicate like others, Shaeq'ke doesn't miss a beat on the field. Coaches and teammates have learned how to communicate with him using different codes so he can help to make a big play on the field. Here's hoping he makes an impact in college as well!

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7-year-old girl starts and runs her own food truck (with help from mom)

Kyleigh is a 7-year-old food truck entrepreneur thanks to some help from her mother Gabrielle Williams.

This summer, Kyleigh made national news because of her successful lemonade stand food truck. But it's the signature pineapple snow cone that had the locals talking!

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