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Voter registration events held across Arkansas

Local election workers hope to see even more people head to the polls for this year's election following National Voter Registration Day.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Volunteers all over the country spent their day helping people get registered to vote to celebrate National Voter Registration Day.

Local election workers hoped to see an even bigger turnout at this year's election after students at UA Little Rock filled out the forms on Tuesday to become registered voters.

The Pulaski County Circuit Clerk, Terri Hollingsworth said that a college campus is one of the best places to register more people.

"We need their participation in this in this democracy," Hollingsworth said.

She urged everyone who's eligible to get out and register to vote but wanted to remind people that not all they need to do. 

"I really want them to go and vote. That's the main thing," she explained.

Hollingsworth said that Pulaski County currently has about 235,000 registered voters, but not all of them are active. 

"Those are the folks that haven't voted in a federal election in about two election cycles. So we do we need those folks to definitely re-register and make sure they come back on board because we need their voice," she said.

People registered in the system who haven't voted recently will receive cards in the mail, encouraging them to update their information. 

Over at the Pulaski County Election Commission Office, workers had a lot to do before election day— but this year, they faced at least one less challenge. 

"Due to COVID, in 2020, we had a lot of poll workers who didn't feel comfortable working at the polls and being in contact with a lot of people. So we did have to recruit quite a few new workers to come in," Pulaski County Election Coordinator, Amanda Dickens explained.

Dickens said that they won't have a problem filling in those spots this year. 

"We haven't had that need for poll workers, not that we're not accepting applications. And we are placing new people as they are applying at different polling locations. But we just don't have that dire need that we did in 2020," she said.

Dickens said that if you have any changes like a new address or name, it's best to update those before election day, to make things run more smoothly. 

"That way when you go to your polling location, you will be on that poll book," she added.

If you missed any voter registration events today, you can find a voter form on the Pulaski County Election Commission's website.

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