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You still have to dim your high beams while driving down Arkansas highways

A popular pet peeve for nighttime drivers has to do with when other drivers choose to use their high beams. What does the state law say?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — If you're driving at night, chances are you may run into a very annoying issue: Someone driving toward you and blinding you with their high beams on.

What most Arkansans don't know according to the Arkansas State Police, is that even when driving down even a divided highway, you still have to dim your lights.

Arkansas law states that you must use your regular headlights when traveling within 500 feet of oncoming traffic and within 200 feet of someone driving in front of you.

Bright lights— whether they're shining directly into someone's eyes or reflecting from behind— can cause distractions while driving in the dark and making it hard to see what's around them. 

Along with impacting the ability to judge the distance of what is around them, the misuse of high beams can lead to an increased risk of accidents.

Once the road is clear, you're free to use your high beams.

When driving down those dark Arkansas back roads or on the highway at night, make sure to take other drivers into consideration and dim your high beams!