LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - All week long, we've told you stories of people fighting crime in various ways.

We told you about Goodwill Industries, who have built themselves around the belief that once a door of opportunity opens, a jail door is closed for good.

We sat down with Congressman French Hill, who is seeking federal support to help ex-offenders seek higher education.

We showed you a neighborhood victimized by crime so often they banded together to fight for the justice they seek.

We went to the poorer communities in Little Rock where activists are looking for ways to bring investment and opportunity back to their neighborhoods.

We met with people who are on the front lines dealing with the daily challenge of making their world safer.

We met with a business that is injecting their own brand of hope into the homeless population, an underserved community.

And, we say all this to say, we are not done. If you know of someone, some organization fighting crime in their own way, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or even email.

The more of these powerful stories that we as a news organization can tell, the better the chances we'll reach a tipping point when fear is overwhelmed by an active, creative inspired citizenry that produces a sense of endless possibilities.

Yes, there are sinister forces out there. Some more brazen now than they've ever been before.

But, guess what Arkansas? They're outnumbered.