WADENE, Minn. --- A deer somehow loose inside a Minnesota Walmart was caught by a shopper with his bare hands on Tuesday.

“We were in the pet food aisle and hear what sounds like a shelf falling onto a woman, because a woman screamed who the deer had run into,” said Stephanie Koljonen, a witness. She said the deer was slipping and sliding on the floor of the store until a man “slid into” the deer and held it.

“Once the deer was down, he held it softly and asked for a shirt to cover its eyes to keep it calm,” Koljonen said.

She snapped a photo and posted it to Facebook that attracted the attention of thousands of people.

She said Tom Grasswick was the person to capture the deer.

“Tom was just holding her gently but securely so no one including the deer would get injured,” she said.

Koljonen posted the photo, captioned “Only at Walmart.”