A Manatee County man's viral Facebook post helped get a portrait to the bride it belongs to.

Matt Gregg of Ellenton, Florida, posted a photo on Facebook, asking the public to share it. In the photo he is holding a large portrait of a woman he doesn't know. The portrait was sent to him accidentally, and all he could get from the company that sent it was that it was supposed to go to someone in South Carolina and that they were working to send correct portraits to him and the bride.

Well, on Friday -- thanks to everyone who shared the post -- Matt says he found the bride! This is what he posted.

"UPDATE! After just 24 hours and with the help of thousands from the Facebook community the Bride has been located! Her name is Paris Boyd and the photo was taken and purchased by her photographer Jessica at www.jazzyjaecreations.com. I knew this was the right bride both by photograph and they knew exactly what my picture was. Thank you so much to everyone involved. I will be shipping the canvas to Paris and wish her and her groom the best in marriage. However now the photo on canvas has two great stories to remember! A picture is worth 1000 words......"