LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Stifft’s Station neighborhood in Little Rock is seeing promising growth after new development pops up in the area.

On the corner of Markham and Kavanaugh, you'll find the Meteor Café. The coffee shop opened almost two years ago, but added something new to the neighborhood on Friday.

"I want people to come out here to relax and study,” manager Steven Smith said.

Its new rooftop beer garden and patio overlooks Stifft's Station. Smith said it helps bring a sense of community to the area.

"It's just a great place for people to meet for whatever reason and having this patio just diversifies what we can offer for people,” he said.

Customer Shaun Hartman lives a few blocks away in Stifft’s Station. He said the patio is a great addition.

"Usually once or twice a year, make it up to Chicago, and it kind of feels like that now. Walk a few blocks, have a good cup of coffee, a beer; enjoy a good meal,” Hartman said.

But, the Meteor is not the only place you can grab a beer here in Stifft’s Station. Stone's Throw is also getting ready to open up its second tap room. Opening week is May 7-12.

“It keeps the people who already live in the neighborhood here. A lot of folks in Little Rock like the convenience of a place they can walk to. Their dogs, kids, whatever,” managing partner Ian Beard said.

Beard said for a while, people were unsure if Stifft’s Station would thrive.

"A lot of people were very worried about the future when Pizza D's closed,” he said.

But he believes things are looking up for the neighborhood.

"River Rock Realty, Stifft's Station Gifts and The Oyster Bar and us, the Meteor. That's a very vibrant little commercial district,” Beard said.

Beard is not the only one that hopes Stifft's Station becomes a staple neighborhood in Little Rock.

"I just want to see it grow and get better and become more of this continuum with the Heights and Hillcrest and down in Stifft's Station. That's what I want,” Smith said.

The Meteor’s patio will be open until about 9 p.m. every night. Smith said he would like to see local bands play there eventually as well.