DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Md. — For Rochica McBryde, who lost her son Greg to gun violence, Mother's Day is one of the toughest of the year. 

This year, she came up with a plan to make it a little easier to get through the day. "I didn't want to just sit and cry all day," McBryde said. 

Instead, McBryde decided to host a "Grieving Mother's Day" brunch, for women who like her have lost a child either to guns, car crashes, or illnesses.

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"The other day, I was going through a lot and I knew if I brought these women together they wouldn't judge me, they wouldn't judge my pain," McBryde said. 

"I need support from other people who understand this pain not having my child here," she added.

Some of her guests said Rochica's support-- not just on Mother's Day, but year round-- has been crucial in helping them get through difficult times. 

"It's important to have these events to support each other, and empower each other," said one guest.

"Mothers want somebody to hold their hands," said another. 

Rochica said she just wanted to give back to the women who've been there for her.

"[We will] try to have happy thoughts because you don't want to be down on your feelings all day. Because after everybody goes home—everybody's going to be down on their feelings. So let's try to have fun. It's ok to have fun," she said.