Multiple dogs have disappeared in the Heber Springs area and the owners have reason to believe that their pets were stolen.

In just a few weeks, at least six dogs have not returned to their homes within a one mile stretch in the Heber Springs area of Cleburne County.

"Just bring them back. We're not trying to get anyone in trouble, just bring the dogs back," said Alex Teas, whose six-year-old dog Scout never returned home on Dec. 10. “Not knowing is the hardest part."

Teas is begging for someone to come forward.

“We’re thinking somebody got them," Teas said. “It was kind of cold that night so he would have been coming back because he’s always excited to see me when I’m coming home from work."

After talking to neighbors, he found out two other dogs disappeared the same day. He then learned three other dogs have been missing from the area for about three weeks.

“It’s not just this stretch. I’ve heard on Facebook online groups that around Heber and Blakey Road area, they’re getting taken," Teas said.

That’s why these neighbors believe they didn't run away.

“It’s all house dogs and spoiled dogs that would come right up to you," Teas said.

Teas also doubts it was an attack from another animal since a German Shephard, a Pitbull, and an Australian Shepherd was taken.

He's put up flyers, posted on social media, and is even offering a reward, hoping for a Christmas miracle.

“It’s hard times for people and people do stupid things trying to make money and I’m hoping it’s a good-hearted person that did it who is willing to at least give the dog back one way or another," Teas said.

Teas is offering a $500 reward for Scout. Call him with information at 501-270-1790.