In a matter of minutes, a gunman left at least 58 people dead and more than 500 people injured Sunday night at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas.

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The following timeline is told through the scanners, the voices of the police officers of Clark County.

The highlighted section of the map is the location of the three-day Route 91 Harvest Festival that started on Friday. Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo estimated 22,000 people were in the crowd when the shooting began.

10:06 p.m. PT – Call of shots fired
“Sounded like an automatic firearm”

10:07 p.m. PT – First officer spots shooting location
“it’s coming from upstairs in the Mandalay Bay. Upstairs. Halfway up. I see the shots coming from Mandalay Bay halfway up!”

10:08 p.m. PT– First report of multiple shooting victims
“Just advising there are people down on stage left”

10:10 p.m. PT – Officer asks to form strike team to gather outside Mandalay Bay
“I’m going to form a strike team. Mandalay Bay and the Boulevard. I need five officers on me.”

10:12 p.m. PT – Officers facing gunfire
“It’s coming out the window! We’re getting shot at! We’re getting shot at!”

10:12 p.m. PT – Officer hit
“We got an officer shot. Mandalay Bay. Northbound”

10:13 p.m. PT –Officer reaches 31st floor
“I’m inside Mandalay Bay on the 31st floor. I can hear automatic gunfire coming from one floor ahead… One floor above us.”

10:14 p.m. PT – Officers pinned down
“Just be advised. We’re pinned down on the eastside of Las Vegas Boulevard”

10:15 p.m. PT – Gunfire still being heard

10:15 p.m. PT – Officer says shooter is priority
“We can’t worry about victims. We need to stop the shooter before we have more victims!”

10:16 p.m. PT – Officers making tourniquets for victims
“We’re making tourniquets out of blankets. I’m running out of blankets here.”

10:18 p.m. PT – Victims start to leave in police cars
“I’m enroute to UMC with female with gunshot wound to the head.”

10:19 p.m. PT – Gunfire has ended

10:21 p.m. PT – Worry of additional shooters
“We’re getting from civilians there might have been 3 shooters.”

10:22 p.m. PT – Officer identifies location of shooter
“I’m on the 32nd floor. The room is going to be 135.”

10:26 p.m. PT – More worry of additional shooters
“It sounds like it is confirmed. There are at least 2 shooters with automatic weapons.”

10:34 p.m. PT – Another team of officers searches 29th floor

10:39 p.m. PT – Officers clearing Mandalay Bay Casino

10:56 p.m. PT – Officer takes 3 critically wounded to hospital
“I have three critical patients in my vehicle. I’ll be taking them to Sunrise”

11:06 p.m. PT – Report of shots fired at New York-New York Hotel and Casino

11:20 p.m. PT – Officers enter shooter’s room in Mandalay Bay