Nine months is a long time to wait for your son to come home from deployment. Which is why she didn’t let him go.
Militarykind, USA TODAY

Nine months is a long time to go without seeing your child. Which is why this mother didn't let her son go after he returned from nine months of deployment. Pvt. Kenny Joel Garcia, 24, returned to Queens, New York on April 12, after service in Afghanistan. Garcia and his girlfriend Hannah Long wanted to make the reunion between mother and son as special as possible. So, they plotted to surprise her. The couple had to bend the truth a little to pull it off, but the look on his mother's face was totally worth it. Watch the video above to see her surprised reaction. According to Newsflare, Hannah told Garcia's mother, Yoelina Sheinkopf, that she was stopping by to borrow a video camera, but instead she brought a surprise guest. This was Garcia's first time hugging his mom in 10 months. The moment was caught on camera by Garcia's girlfriend.

In the video, Pvt. Garcia can be seen walking through a hallway holding flowers for his mom. He waited for her as she came around the corner, knowing that she had no idea he would be on the other side of the door. She takes one look at her son gives out a joyous yell, hugs him and doesn't let go. "Ahhhhhhhhh, mi niño! Mi niño! Gracias mi Señor! (My son, my son. Thank you, Lord!)” Garcia’s mother held her son and thanked God over and over for bringing her son home. “Gracias mi padre. Gracias, gracias! (Thank you, my father. Thank you, thank you!)"

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