Who moved the cheese?

It appears Google did and put it in the wrong spot for its hamburger emoji ... or at least that's what has been lighting up the Internet since Saturday.

Here's what we know: It appears it all started with a tweet by Thomas Baekdal that asked why Google's and Apple's emojis differed on the cheese placement:

Whoa. Don't mess with the cheese.

The Google emoji places the cheese under the burger patty and closer to the bottom bun. And so, that's what got burger lovers cheesed off. It's in the wrong spot.

Apple's emoji has the cheese on top of the patty, closer to the top bun.

Google's response came from none other than their CEO SundarPichai who planned on making it his top priority today, tweeting:

Good thing someone has something on their to-do list today.

Even Shake Shack founder responded to Pichai with an example of building a burger.