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Michigan police apologize for not helping baby locked in hot car

After a Michigan mother's 2-month-old baby got trapped in a hot car, the family desperately called 911 for help. The police dispatcher refused to send an officer.

Waterford, Michigan — Waterford Township's police department released an apology on Thursday morning after a 911 dispatcher refused to send help when a 2-month-old baby was accidentally trapped in a hot car, according to a CBS News report.

According to CBS News, Lacey Guyton was visiting her grandmother on Aug. 18 when the doors on her Dodge SUV locked – with the keys and her 2-month-old daughter, Raina, inside. While Guyton tried to smash the front windshield, her grandmother dialed police. Twice, the police dispatcher said the department doesn't send emergency vehicles to deal with keys locked in cars.

Finally, Guyton managed to break the back windshield with her grandfather's window breaker and climbed in to rescue her daughter, she told CBS. The baby is now safe.

But for 10-12 minutes, Raina was inside the car on an 84-degree day, meaning temperature inside could have topped 100 degrees, CBS News said. Guyton told CBS News that Raina was screaming and drenched in sweat by the time she was rescued.

The Waterford Police Department sent a statement to CBS News, saying "we should have responded in this case … this is not the level of service our community has come to expect."