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NBC News poll: Americans evenly split on Trump impeachment

The issue is divided clearly along party lines, but independents lean in favor of impeaching Donald Trump and removing him from office.

An NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll released Friday finds Americans are evenly split on the issue of impeaching President Donald Trump and removing him from office -- 49% to 49%.

The issue is divided along party lines. Ninety percent of Republicans and independents who lean Republican are against impeachment. Eighty-nine percent of Democrats and independents who lean Democrat favor impeachment. Among independents who don't lean either way, 53% favor impeachment and 44% are against it.

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Among just the Republicans who support impeachment, half of them identify as moderate, according to NBC News. Forty-two percent say they voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 while 27% say they didn't vote in the last election. Also, 65% of Republicans who say they support impeachment are under the age of 45.

Among Democrats who do not support impeachment, about 60% still disapprove of his job performance, the poll found. Twenty-four percent of Democrats who don't support impeachment say they voted for Trump in 2016 while 27% said they didn't vote at all. Forty-three percent of the Democrats who are against impeachment are under age 45.

The survey of 18,101 registered voters was taken Oct. 8-22.