An NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll released Friday finds Americans are evenly split on the issue of impeaching President Donald Trump and removing him from office -- 49% to 49%.

The issue is divided along party lines. Ninety percent of Republicans and independents who lean Republican are against impeachment. Eighty-nine percent of Democrats and independents who lean Democrat favor impeachment. Among independents who don't lean either way, 53% favor impeachment and 44% are against it.

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Among just the Republicans who support impeachment, half of them identify as moderate, according to NBC News. Forty-two percent say they voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 while 27% say they didn't vote in the last election. Also, 65% of Republicans who say they support impeachment are under the age of 45.

Among Democrats who do not support impeachment, about 60% still disapprove of his job performance, the poll found. Twenty-four percent of Democrats who don't support impeachment say they voted for Trump in 2016 while 27% said they didn't vote at all. Forty-three percent of the Democrats who are against impeachment are under age 45.

The survey of 18,101 registered voters was taken Oct. 8-22.