HASLET, Texas — Haslet, TX (KTVT, WLTX) - A Texas teen is honoring his friend who died by suicide while deployed along the Arizona-Mexico border. 

A news chopper flew over the tribute, which can easily be seen from the air. 

The teen's dad said in a Facebook group in Texas that his son mowed the lawn to resemble the American flag to remember Kevin Christian. According to "Military Times" the 21-year-old Christian died Sunday from a self inflicted gunshot wound about 200 miles from Nogales, Texas.

The son, James Cameron, told KXAS his friend was on duty in Arizona when the death happened. He said he used different height settings on the lawn mower to create the shapes, and used a weed eater for the stars. In all, it took about four hours of work in the hot Texas heat to make it.

He said he also did it to acknowledge the Fourth of July holiday.