PORT JEFFERSON, N.Y. (KXTV) - "What a morning..." Mark Freely said in a Facebook post after his dog, Storm, rescued a baby deer from the Long Island Sound in Port Jefferson, New York.

What a morning indeed.

The deer rescue actually turned into a two-parter: after Storm paddled out and brought the fawn to shore, Strong Island Animal Rescue League said the deer managed to get back in the water.

One of the animal rescuers, named Frankie, jumped in the water when he saw the deer struggling. "He had swam over his head," the rescue group said on Facebook, "tucked the deer under his arm looped a dog lead over her head and slowly swam back to shore."

As a second animal rescue person arrived, Frankie told them he blew his knee out and asked his colleague to take the deer from his arms. After Frankie recouped for a few minutes, he walked 1 1/4 miles back to the animal rescue vehicle.

"It felt like an eternity," the rescue group said. "The deer kicked and trashed but they knew they couldn't stop. She was already stressed enough. Time was fragile at this point."

The fawn was taken to the Save The Animals Rescue (STAR) Foundation. She was put in a quiet room to rest and will receive fluids, feedings and Strong Island Animal Rescue League said when she is old enough she will be released back into the wild.