LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — They once served our country, and now a non-profit is serving them.  

The non-profit 'Fresh 2 You' is a mobile market that offers free produce and other items to people in need at no cost.

“People can come on and shop, they get to go bin by bin and pick out the food that they need,” said Josh Harris, volunteer and director of Fresh 2 You.

Their mission is to fill a need.

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“Fresh 2 You was started to address food insecurity issues in Arkansas," Harris said. "Our job every week is to get out into the city and get food to people who need it.”

As they make their weekly rounds, another need became apparent.

“We’ve been serving the City of Little Rock with fresh produce and vegetables and meat to families in need for a while and we realized a group of people that have a big need, and that’s veterans,” Harris said.

So, they asked themselves how they can serve these men and women.

“We realized we need to take care of them, too, because there’s a lot of veterans living with food insecurity and really struggling to get the food that they need,” Harris said.

Last year, the group made connections with the Veteran's Department, the Food Bank, and stores like Kroger.

Now, they’re ready to help.

“Because of our new partnerships with the Veteran’s Department here, we are going every month now to feed specifically just veterans, and dreaming about even more,” Harris said.

It’s a need that too often goes unnoticed.

“A lot of people may not realize once you’re done serving, maybe you get out of the military branch you were in, there’s not always a ton of help,” Harris said.

Harris hopes more people will get involved in their mission.

“There are so many things we can do to help, and food is the first need,” Harris said.

Fresh 2 You hopes to soon be able to feed veterans in need throughout the state.

You can find more information on how to help here

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