LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- When you're 11 years old, and it's your first-ever trip to the Arkansas State Fair, excitement is literally over the top.

THV11's partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services allows us to feature foster children who are up for adoption. This week, we meet one girl who takes the midway by storm in her search for a place to call home.

"Yea, this is big," Star said.

It's all big and it's all a first for her. She's never experienced anything like this. From the swings to the upside-down rides to the lines. We used the time waiting for the ferris wheel to chat.

"I just think they're really pretty," Star said, describing the crystal she carries with her in her purse.

Turns out, she collects them. As we waited, she took selfies with THV’s Dawn Scott, and Scott learned something else.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?” Dawn asked.

“A star!” Star said.

“You already are one!” Scott said.

“I know!" Star said.

Star said she wants a family.

"A family that will let me have a pet. Not a dog or cat, but a guinea pig," she shared.

She also said foster care is not so bad.

"No,” she said, “Because people are nicer to me because they know how horrible my life is. Like when I don't get to see my family and when I move away from people that I love and care about, like going from different home to different home."

It's all enough to Star to want to quit at times, but she carries on, with her crystals and heart-shaped necklace filled with stars and her painted face, this day. She chose a blue colored tiger and then some fries and lemonade.

"I've been in and out twice. Five years is the whole span," said this young foster child, who is winning at the state fair, hoping to win over the hearts of a forever family. "Adopt me! I am a great child! I will do the dishes (laughs)".

Huge thanks to the Arkansas State Fair for treating Star to free rides, food, face-painting, and games.

For more information on Star or any child up for adoption, head to the Arkansas Department of Human Services heart gallery.