LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Faith is hard to come by when you're an Arkansas child in state foster care. But to find it when you've been waiting 6 years for a family is a triumph in itself.

Through THV11’s partnership with the Department of Human Services, we learn how Kandis found her faith and hope for a future.

"I was like why, if God was real why would he do this to me why would he put me in this situation?” said the 15-year-old. Inside west Little Rock's Pout, the ninth grader is getting her first ever makeover.

“At first, I didn't go to church, didn't believe in God, in a foster home they took me to church but I didn't really pay attention," she said.

Kandis is talking about her first years in foster care when she went from home to home. "I was in places not for that long because I was like a didn't care child, I was fighting and just going along and doing a lot."

But about a year ago as Kandis hit 5 years into her foster care journey, something inside her changed. “Something just took over me and started to believe and stuff and I started to believe everything was going to be okay."

Right before the big reveal of her makeover, Kandis shared that she is ready to shine. She has dreams of being a lawyer someday. And she is ready to be part of a family. "To get a family that's loving and caring and if that doesn't happen, for me to be great, be something that people says I'm not gonna be, cause people in foster care get that a lot."

She wants to prove those people wrong. She wants to be surprised by the beauty of life. And the beauty of this transformation. "I wanna be adopted and I want, I just want someone to be there and care you know?"

We want to thank Kristin Gaynor and Pout for the makeover. They gifted Kandis with stunning red lipstick and a few other items. If you'd like to know more about Kandis or any child we've featured, click here.