LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Along with its selection of food and drinks, Dizzy's Gypsy Bistro in Downtown Little Rock is known for helping the community. So it's no wonder a recent act of vandalism has turned into a way for the restaurant to help others.

When general manager Aimee Stockton arrived at work on Friday, Jan. 19, the restaurant felt colder than normal, and she soon discovered why.

"I noticed there was shattered glass all over the ground," Stockton said. "There was a brick laying right here in between these barstools. I noticed that the entire door had been broken."

But much to her surprise, nothing was missing inside the restaurant. As customers arrived for lunch later that morning, so did a temporary fix for the busted door.

"It's an ugly piece of plywood," Stockton said. "Why not make something good out of it? That's the way we look at it. You've got to find the positive in every situation."

And this situation is no different. The restaurant plans to have local artists paint the plywood and use their work for a good cause.

"We'd like to auction it off to the highest bidder," Stockton said. "And all of the proceeds are going to The Van because we work very closely with them."

The Van is a mobile resource focused on helping and building relationships with Little Rock's homeless community. Using a fleet of vans, volunteers deliver supplies and resources to those in need.

"We'd love to give back to them as much as we possibly can," Stockton said.

The restaurant plans to have the painting complete within the next week.

"Anyone who wants to lend their creativity to the plywood we would greatly appreciate it, and then we'll get it auctioned off."

Stockton said she and Darla Huie, who owns Dizzy's, are working to finalize plans for the auction. We will update this story with information on bidding once it becomes available.