Now that 4th of July is just around the corner, you may be wondering what parks and campsites are open for you to enjoy the holiday at this week. 

Greers Ferry Lake in Heber Springs has several well-known parks that surround their waters, like John F. Kennedy Park, Damn Site Park, Choctaw park and many more for people to travel to and take in everything our Natural State has to offer. 

If you head that way to celebrate our nation's independence this week, keep in mind, some areas remain closed after the flooding. 

James Presley, Greers Ferry Lake Park Ranger, said some of their campsites and parks were hit hard by the waters.

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"Well, the lake currently is 11 feet high. We were up to 14 feet high. We have about 1130 campsites lake-wide and right now we have 180 campsites affected by the high water," he said. 

Those 180 are shut down until the water recedes and Presley said there's no telling when they will be back open for business. 

"It depends on the water and how fast it goes down," he said. 

For now, the park rangers have to wait patiently while benches are underwater, roads aren't accessible and electricity is out.

"We've gotten some prepared to get back to camping but we've got additional rainfall that brought the lake up so we've had to close them down again but we are just actively working to keep what we got available for campers to come in and camp," Presley said. 

Once the water is gone, the cleanup process begins. 

"We have to clean up debris. Put new screenings in, new timbers. Replace any picnic tables that need to be replaced and definitely replace the electric," he said. 

All in all, though, the water shouldn't stop anyone from going out and enjoying their state parks this holiday week. 

Presley said they are ready to roll at Greers Ferry Lake. 

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"We are ready to go. We welcome visitors, welcome boaters, welcome day users. We just want everybody to remember to be safe and come out and enjoy your parks here in the natural state," he said. 

There are several festivities going on in Greers Ferry Lake area this week for everyone to enjoy! 

There is one on the 4th of July at Fairfield Bay and one on July 6th at Damn Site park. 

Just remember to leave your pets at home if you are going to head out to that area!