Arkansas Sens. Boozman and Cotton voted against the two articles of impeachment brought against President Trump.

Senator Boozman also cautioned his colleagues against 'weaponizing this authority for political convenience.'

In a speech from Sen. Boozman (R-AR), he stated: 

"Throughout the course of the trial, I stayed attentive and engaged, taking in the arguments and evidence presented to the Senate – which included the testimony of over a dozen witnesses and thousands of documents as part of the House’s investigation. . . After two weeks of proceedings in the Senate, my assessment of the situation has not been swayed or changed."

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) released the following statement over the articles:

“The Democrats wanted to use impeachment to cast a cloud of suspicion over the president in an election year. Their purpose was not to seek the truth but to punish a president whom Democrats loathe. Now the impeachment spectacle is over, and the Senate can attend to the real threats facing our country, such as the deadly coronavirus already inside our borders.”

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