LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Former State Senator Gilbert Baker has been indicted in a conspiracy that has already jailed a Circuit Judge.

Baker and Maggio allegedly orchestrated transactions for Maggio's campaign to the Arkansas State Court of Appeals in exchange for favorable rulings in his capacity as a Circuit Judge. He is also indicted for covering up the transactions and wire fraud.

The suit alleges that Maggio ruled favorably in favor of Greenbrier Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, owned by Michael Morton by reducing a $5.2 million verdict against the center to $1 million.

The acts are described as happening between 2013 and 2014.

Maggio was ordered to begin serving his 10-year prison sentence after an appeals court upheld his bribery conviction in July 2017.

Attorneys Richard Watts and Bud Cummins released a statement on behalf of Baker: 

"Mr. Baker has consistently maintained, including several times under sworn oath, that at no time did he ask Judge Mike Maggio or Mr. Michael Morton or anybody else to do anything improper or illegal. He has also consistently maintained that at no time did anyone ask him to anything improper or illegal. All campaign contributions in 2013 were handled lawfully and were transparently reported in public records. After over five years of investigation Mr. Baker is confident that the truth will finally be made known."

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