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Mayor Frank Scott Jr. discusses plans for new term following re-election

In his first televised interview since winning re-election as Mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott, Jr. reflected on his first term and looked towards the future.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — In his first televised interview since winning re-election as Mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott, Jr. reflected on his previous term and looked to the future.

"Transitioning from the jobs growth, by continuing to ensure that more families choose to live in Little Rock," he said.

Part of that comes from what Mayor Scott said are wins from his first term, including businesses opening up in Little Rock, redeveloped parks, and continued growth.

"To announce 8,000 new jobs to the city of Little Rock," Scott said. "We've seen in the most recent 2020 census that the city of Little Rock grew close to 6%. We're now 203,000 people, the top 125 cities in the United States."

Of course, there are things he says he'd like to work on— especially violent crime in the city.

"We know that we're now at 74 homicides here in the city of Little Rock," he said. "One homicide is too many, you're talking to someone who gets a phone call each homicide in this city, and it pierces my heart, and my mind, when we experience it, not only for the individual, the victim, but the victim's family and what it means for our community."

Part of stopping those numbers from climbing starts at the Little Rock Police Department—  specifically, at the top, by hiring the next Chief of police.

"It was my intent to make the decision before the election, but unfortunately, that wasn't able to happen," Scott said. "We want to make sure that we don't rush the decision because it's a very important decision."

Scott is also set to appear in court later this month for a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

"We've had some serious challenges with staff allocation resources as it relates to responding to those records in a timely fashion," Scott said. "I want to make sure I communicate how wholeheartedly we believe in the Freedom of Information Act because we believe that is the essence of the democracy to ensure that government is open, it's clear and transparent."

While there are things hanging over the start of his second term, Mayor Scott was confident for the future. 

He said that he may not have had the confidence of every voter in this election, but he wants to grow as one Little Rock.

"We truly are a catalyst for the new south and a premier city, and we're very excited about it," he said. "It's all because of each of you. And so as my mother taught me a long time ago, it's just to say two words. Thank you."

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