LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A partial shutdown won't affect much in the early hours of the weekend, but it could furlough about 800 thousand federal workers and leave military personnel and essential employees unpaid.

Here's how the government shut down could affect you if it isn't fixed:


President trump said in a tweet Tuesday, the “biggest loser” in the government shutdown would be the military.

They get paid on the first and fifteenth of each month, so they won't see the immediate effects. However, if the government shutdown continues through the end of the month, the military will suffer a lapse in pay.


Some people may be wondering, “Will I still get my social security check?” The answer is yes.

Social security is a mandatory program and will continue even if congress fails to pass a spending bill.


What about access to the national parks?

You should still be able to visit national parks and monuments even if the government stays shutdown.

The national park service says parks and memorials at the nation's capitol will remain open.


If you need a new passport, you may want to request one now.

The state department's passport services are funded partly by fees, which means it is not completely dependent on congress for money.

So they may be able to issue passports for a little while but if the shutdown drags on your application could be delayed.


If you're planning to travel, your plans probably won't be affected.

Airports will remain open and air traffic controllers and TSA officials will stay on the job. However, there could be some delays while non-essential employees are furloughed.