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According to a release from the Little Rock School District, the district learned that a customs agent was on campus at Central High School Thursday, August 8, but not for the reasons being spread around social media.

The agent was attempting to do a background check on a former student who was seeking employment with the federal agency.

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The agent presented herself as an official with ICE and asked questions about a student who had graduated from the school. Officials told LRSD's Director of Safety and Security that she was not seeking status information on the student or any other students.

However, LRSD denied the request. LRSD does not provide student information to anyone other than the student's parent, guardian, or the Department of Human Services, per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

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The district worked with federal and local authorities to determine whether or not the person was an actual agent or an imposter, as well as determining the reason for the visit.

They also conducted their own investigation to quickly dispel any rumors.

LRSP has communicated its commitment to ensure the privacy of all students to parents, as well as a reminder to all staff regarding related protocols.