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Officials reduce amount of polling locations in Pulaski County

The Pulaski County Election Commission has reduced the amount of polling sites from 108 to 89 in the county and some voters aren't happy.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Following last year's redistricting process, the Pulaski County Election Commission has reduced the amount of polling sites from 108 to 89 in the county.

The move has left some voters in the county feeling that it makes voting harder. 

Last week, North Little Rock officials including the mayor said they don't agree with the changes to a few of their precincts. 

Harris Elementary School in North Little Rock has been a polling site for the last 50 years. That location is set to be moved two miles away to McAlmont Church of Christ. 

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Mabel Bynum and Florence Wiley spent their Monday in front of Harris Elementary going over memories the polling location brings to them.

They've been voting at the school since it first became a polling site. 

They say they felt blindsided after finding out it'll no longer be their polling site for the May primaries.

"We want it brought back because it's been here for over 50 years and want to continue to know why it was moved in the beginning," said Wiley.

She lives on the other side of the train tracks in front of the school.

She has to walk to get to the polling site from her home. Now she'll have to travel even further to cast her ballot.

"That is not nearly conducive to the walker, or to the rider who must come from other North Pulaski communities," said Bynum.

The Pulaski County Special School District said it completed the application to ensure it would be a polling location, but the school was notified two weeks later that it wasn't need as a polling location.

Kristina Gulley with the Pulaski County Quorum Court said she too was blindsided by the notice of change and she's been trying to notify her constituents ahead of the primaries.

"Personally, I feel like this is voter suppression number one and number two, I feel it's political. There is no reason for precinct 48 to be moved," said Gulley.

We reached out to the Pulaski County Election Commissions, but didn't hear back. 

You can find the commission meeting where they approved the polling locations here.

Last week they did say the precincts are set in stone for the primaries.

A public meeting with the commission will be held at 5:30 at the Pulaski County Regional Building to discuss changes for future elections.

Wiley and Bynum said they'll be in attendance.

"That's the only place I've been going for over 50 years so the change really affects me," said Wiley.

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