DUMAS, Ark. — Monday, the Red Cross was able to start sending emergency response vehicles to flood victims.

Several people in Dumas said they need all the help they can get, as they can't get in their homes.

"We have not had anything remotely like this," Betty Thomas said.

Several residents in Dumas who live along the Arkansas River lost everything.

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"It's a nightmare. I mean, when you lose your home and you lose all your memories, it's just been devastating," Frances Hill said.

Dumas isn't included in the declared disaster areas, and residents aren't sure what's next.

"There's still over 4 foot of water inside my home," Thomas said.

They welcome any help.

"All of us who did keep stuff in the house and brought it up off the floor and tried to save it, it didn't work," Thomas said.

The Red Cross is hoping they can help them as much as they can.

"This is the first time I've seen them here but that's great, I'm proud to have them," Thomas said.

Thanks to donations, the Red Cross was able to purchase new emergency response vehicles.

They showed up in Dumas with water, food, and hygiene products.

"I'm glad they're here to assist people who are displaced and to hand out items that would be beneficial to them," Hill said.

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The people who call this area home are scattered around the area seeking shelter with friends or at a local hotel.

Because the Red Cross is on wheels, they're driving to Dumas residents who need help.

"You've got to get out to the community, not everyone can come to a shelter," said Nashville Red Cross Chapter worker Christine Beckert. 

The Red Cross plans to send more of these emergency vehicles to communities around the state.