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River Market to become entertainment district, allowing drinking on street

In 30 days, Little Rock's River Market District will be an entertainment district, which means that people can walk the streets with a drink in hand.

Adults in Arkansas will be able to walk the streets with a drink in hand after the city board approved the River Market as an entertainment district Tuesday night. 

In April, the bill allowing cities to pass the ordinance passed both the House and Senate was signed by the governor.

The passing of this ordinance allows outdoor, public drinking of alcoholic beverages within certain boundaries.

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"You could set a designated area that’s heavily controlled and heavily regulated, where people could walk from establishment to establishment with alcoholic beverages," said Senator Trent Garner (R), who sponsored the bill earlier in the year.

According to the ordinance clause, River Market is to become an entertainment district in 30 days, comparable to Memphis' Beale Street or Kansas City's Power and Light District.